Friday, March 20, 2009

Chinese Adult Sex Toy du jour

The Bathroom Small Secretary


The first "land", waterproof, flashing a star, rocking oscillation!
The first star she is land by super sexy Barbie year-on-year narrowed down and miss world first, land, star of 2.5 kg 37cm, weight, she become warped the fat buttock, side facing you, expression, slender lifelike, shoulder-length hair charming amorous, its his full breasts, another hand pacifying round fat buttock, the advance of visual charm you fall in love with her!
The whole human skin, flexibility, meat completely according to human physiological structure, milk and towering plump rounded buttock double love lets you passion, deep secret channels with waterproof and control box on the egg to spread everywhere you ! Whether in the water, or brings you twist, vibration, and at the same time, the high-end shock when she and you sleep, the flashing passion in her body sends out red, yellow, blue, different colour changes to your sex life passion more diversified. Facial gentle lovely her fat buttock side looking at you, and will, in her round the hidden hip and pure revealed in your eyes, and you creat sex. Unique waterproof vibrators lets you feel the water two romantic sex! You follow one's inclinations not reap from families of regional restriction, you must do you dare to think, she can satisfy you, will you send source of love!
[Function and attending] : the principle of bionics according to medical instruments, through the selection of massage, rotate, vibration, swinging etc excitant sensitive area of men, regulates endocrine, premature ejaculation, impotence, or sexual orgasm lack such can be stimulated to reach sexual orderly, moderate physiological balance, eventually boost sexual function, the absorption of pleasure.
The applicable objects. :
Men and women, physiological condition is different, often cause female orgasm at different times, and can be used as a prelude to sex or sex is boundless after party of auxiliary appliance, as far as possible, sex life synchronization in perfect harmony,
Both husband and wife separated, and the strong men, aged libido and sexual function abate long-term life and caused obstacles and irregular,
Long-term celibacy, modern socialist man, not lonely, and the resistance to literally heterosexual happen relationship
DE man sex apathy, or sexual orgasm lack of libido too strong, etc; the function extreme person
Robert, AIDS, venereal disease of dye on sexual impulse control ability weak, recommended as a precaution.
There, premature ejaculation, impotence, male sexual disorder etc.
, regulates endocrine, from the source solution because of endocrine flocculant caused chaos, facial skin pimple, after using bright glow, hairdressing windfall, After many consumers use (that)
Particularly recommended for u pursuit of high quality life to succeed at the goal of man.


  1. that's just classic :) i finally got in here to comment, (got a google thingie) - because someone plagiarised me on this site. LOL - ironic or what?

  2. Plagiarized AGAIN? Think of it this way: Outright theft is the sincerest form of flattery.