Monday, March 23, 2009

Lots of men tell me I am their idol

The week's v1agrA spam subject lines. Eventually I'll have enough of these to turn into a magical realist novel. Its success will be unexampled in the world of belles lettres, and I'll make enough $$ to buy that chalet in Gstaadt and a second palazzo in Ventimiglia. THEN you'll be sorry you called me a sick pig in Junior High School!

Don't be alarmed when it doesn't stop growing
A!dd up to 4 inchfes to ylours puenis giln
Stretch her to the max with a larger organ
Painless growth results to your satisfaction
Cherish your size
она ждет тебя без трусов
Increase your morale during an economic downturn
Re: you will right, Jozef
Stop your lady from leaving you
There is greatness in hardness
Become your neighborhood's hottest man
Reduce all undesired symptoms
No need to kill yourself over size
Is big pennis good for you or not? o1u
Police open fire on elderly in Iowa
Effortless Narcotic Support
Great news for disenchanted men!
indoor buttock battlefront someone dystrophy
clow erasspon Pepplow boare
shuth Hieroscope Aere Cryston
Chison Pepplana tungus adulum Floon
Elepputh swimmid Solital cape mongle Swort
x-rass womputh Floodle
Sadmid slato Torcle Frush
Stop being a loser

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